Jebel Sabarah and Jebel Vulcan (Cu)

Similar to Jebel Ghazal, several target zones have been identified from the analysis of spectral and airborne VTEM data in the Western Shear Zone region, within an area located some 65km to the west of Jebel Ohier and extending along the western extremity of the Block 62 license area. Two jebels (namely Sabarah and Vulcan) in particular are characterized by strong argillic alteration, the presence of moderately spaced A-vein networks and extensive QSP-style alteration (with abundant pyrite boxwork textures). Initial rock chip sampling in 2018 has returned weakly anomalous Cu (<176ppm) in extensively altered dacite units, which are also characterized by up to 0.8ppm Au, 1.1ppm Ag, and 1080ppm Pb. Further grid sampling, as well as ground-based geophysics and possibly reconnaissance RC drilling are planned to more thoroughly test these targets.