Jebel Ghazal (Cu)

Initially identified from the assessment of spectral (ASTER) data, this anomaly is located some 15 km to the south-southeast of the Jebel Ohier project area. At Ghazal, a ca. 600 by 600m wide area on the northern flanks of the highest ridge in the Jebel Ohier Massif is characterized by strongly argillic-altered dacite hosting minor A-vein systems, as well as a high concentration of anastomosing quartz veins. The in places sheared sequence transitions upwards into a cap of strongly QSP-altered ignimbrite and tuffaceous units. Assays from initial chip samples returned no anomalous values but in light of this prospect occurring along strike from Jebel Ohier within the inferred magmatic arc, and the presence of porphyry style alteration and veining, QMSD believes further investigation of this target is warranted.