QMSD Mining Co Ltd (“QMSD”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doha-based Qatar Mining (“QM”). QMSD was created solely for the purpose of mineral exploration in Sudan and is headquartered in Khartoum. The company started formal operations in Sudan in April 2013 primarily in Block 62, in Red Sea State, secured by way of a formal Concession Agreement with the Sudanese Ministry of Minerals. The additional block, contiguous to B62, block 62b was secured in July 2014. These blocks cover an area of 5,110 km2 (figure 1). QMSD maintains a permanent exploration camp in Block 62 (Figure 2).

Exploration work on Block 62 has been continuous since 2013. The first Exploration Year (April 2013 to March 2014) included remote sensing alteration and geological mapping, ground-based mapping and drainage sampling to generate targets. This work quickly focused on a geochemical copper and gold anomaly at Jebel Ohier (JO) (Figure 3). Significant hydrothermal alteration was identified in outcrop at JO, pointing to the presence of a major mineralizing system. Surface rocks at JO are completely obscured by desert varnish making geological interpretation difficult.

Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling commenced in Year Two. A total of 5,600m of drilling was completed along with further mapping, hyperspectral studies and ground geophysics. Access roads constructed over the JO massif exposed fresh rock and proved exceptionally useful in elucidating the geology of the area. Rich, copper-oxide mineralization was identified along some road sections. An extensive road-cut mapping and channel sampling program was implemented and, by the end of Year Two, the first indications of a possible Porphyry Copper Deposit (PCD) discovery at JO were emerging. In addition a significant gold exploration target was identified at Al Bashoom in Block 62b, which is a focus for artisanal mining activity.

Year Three exploration (April 2015 to March 2016) saw further RC drilling coupled with an initial phase of diamond core (DD) drilling. 11,389m of drilling were completed during the year. Metallogenic and geochronology studies were carried out on JO, along with further mapping, detailed logging (both lithological and geotechnical) and airborne geophysical (VTEM, magnetic and radiometric) surveys over large areas of the two licenses. Preliminary metallurgical testing was also completed on two RC holes which showed that the copper-bearing lithologies were amenable to sulphide flotation and oxide leaching. The field programs confirmed JO as a major, newly-discovered copper and gold-bearing PCD, hosting both oxide and sulphide mineralization, and also identified numerous other targets across B62 and B62b, including new PCD targets around JO.

Figure 1 – Location of Blocks 62/b
Figure 2 – Block 62 exploration camp
Figure 3 – JO location within Block 62

With the confirmed identification of JO as a PCD, “Anaconda” style mapping and logging practices were implemented during Year Four (April 2016 to March 2017). This was a major change in approach allowing for the stockwork and other vein systems at JO to be properly understood and categorized, the hydrothermal alteration to be correctly contextualized, and mineralising domains identified. Phase two drilling continued into Phase three with a total of 13,130m being drilled. Three dimensional modelling of the JO PCD was undertaken as input into in-house JO mineral inventory computations which demonstrated significant tonnages and copper and gold contents at JO. The volumetric model was further refined in preparation for the maiden Mineral Resource estimate (MRe).

Year Five (April 2017 to March 2018) saw a continuation of Phase three drilling with an increase during the year to four rigs. 27,952 metres of drilling were completed during the year. A second phase of Anaconda mapping was conducted while Anaconda style logging of drillhole core continued. A maiden MRe was completed in December 2017, this showed JO to be a significant PCD discovery in both tonnage and copper content. Phase 3 drilling completed after the maiden MRe identified additional mineralization both along strike and at depth. Initial RC drilling also took place on potential new PCD centres in close proximity of JO.

Year Six (April 2018 to April 2019) commenced a fourth phase of drilling, a 133,000m drill program. Data from the completed phase 3 program as well as the early holes of phase 4 were utilized to produce a MRe upgrade which produced a substantial increase in tonnage and copper/gold content. A PEA commenced at the end of year six and the remainder of phase 4 will feed into the data for further Resource updates for a pre-feasibility study scheduled to commence late 2020.

Khalid Al-Obaidli


Chairman’s Message

It is with pleasure that I introduce to you QMSD Mining Company Ltd. (“QMSD”). We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doha-based Qatar Mining (“QM”). We have been exploring in Sudan since 2013 and are currently focused on Blocks 62 and 62b in the Red Sea Hills State. As you will read elsewhere on this site we have been highly successful in discovering a significant copper mineralizing system on Block 62 which has been confirmed as a Copper Gold porphyry. This has significance both from an academic perspective as this deposit type was not expected in the Arabian Nubian Shield (“ANS”) due to the perceived low probability of preservation in rocks ~750ma old and also from the perspective of the potential interest this may generate in the exploration potential of Sudan leading hopefully to greater future economic benefit for the country.

QMSD is a commercial enterprise but also a Qatar Government company. As such our objectives are to add value to both the states of Qatar and Sudan through our exploration activities as well as assisting Sudan in realising the potential of their mineral resources and create opportunity for the people of Sudan. Our workforce is over 90% Sudanese and one of our main goals is to train and develop world-class resource industry professionals able to make significant contributions to what we believe will be a flourishing formal mineral industry in Sudan in the future.


Mr. Ian Davies

General Manager

Mr. Davies is a mining engineering professional with 30 years of experience in corporate, engineering consultancy, underground and open cast environments encompassing production, mine/strategic planning, projects, valuation, mining economics. He worked previously for Qatar Mining CHQ, Saudi Arabian Mining Company, De Beers Consolidated Mines and Impala Platinum. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) Mining and Petroleum engineering and an MPhil in Rock Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. He is a Fellow of IMMM.

Mr. Graeme Bell

Operations Manager

Graeme is Chartered Mining Engineer and Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining he is also an Incorporated Civil Engineer and an Associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He has over 25 years of experience including major international projects. He is an experienced consultant with 10 years of experience benefiting from over 15 years of practical knowledge working in operations.
He spent the early part of his career working in the UK domestic open pit coal mining industry developing many mines through feasibility to operations. He has since worked in West Africa on a major iron ore project for Arcelormittal before managing the technical services department with Leighton Asia in Central Asia at a 10Mtpa open pit coal mine. He has prepared many due diligence studies, audits, valuations, scoping through to full feasibility studies for M&A, IPOs, stock market listing, 43-101 and JORC technical reports.

Mr. Saifeldin Osman Ali

HR Manager

Mr. Osman Ali has been the HR Manager for QMSD Mining Company since December 2014. Mr. Osman Ali has over 20 years experience in HR, identifying and developing talent, professional development, policies & procedures, planning, organizational development and culture, human capital development, compensation, recruitment & selection, performance management, succession plan, budgeting, in order to achieve organizational goals. Before joining QMSD he served in number of national and international organizations, INGOs including save the children Sweden, Bashir Motors Company of Elnefeidi Holdings, and Nissan Motors in Sudan, Saif Saf Services Ltd and consultant with many local companies. Mr. Osman Ali is certified HR expert, professional leader, Professional Manager (IAPPD). He is also CHRC (CABA), Honors degree in Economic, Fellow membership-Certified professional trainer Chartered certified trainer CCT- CABA (CABA) Canada

Mr. Osman Al Sayed

Head of PR and Logistics

Mr. Osman Al-Sayed is Head of Logistics and Public Relation at QMSD Mining Company since July 2013 where he leads, develops and coordinates all logistics, administrative and public relations matters. Mr. Al-Sayed has nearly 15 years of accumulated direct / subcontracted experience in the fields of administration, logistics and public relations including companies engaged in exploration, mining and construction company. These companies include Talisman Energy Company (Canadian-9 Blocks), Kenana Sugar Company, Nile Carbonated Water Factory (Stim); Dal Group; Khartoum International Community School (KICS), Indian Oil & Natural Gas (ONGC) and Ansan Wikfs (Sudan) LTD. Mr. Al Sayed graduated from Omdurman Ahlia University – Faculty of Arts – Awarded B.A in 2004.

Mr. Hisham Al Tigani

Procurement Manager

Mr. Al Tigani is a supply chain professional with over 21 years of experience in oil industry working for several international companies. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in art and English language from the University Omdurman Ahlia university. He participated in procurement policy and strategic plans for the various companies and managed the supply operations in oil field industry, completing various certified training programs in supply chain. He gained through his services strong relations in governmental and none governmental authorities and organization in Sudan. He joined Q.M.S.D mining limited as procurement manager in March 2018.

Mr. Al Tigani has been with QMSD since March 2018, prior to this he was head of purchasing and logistics in White Nile petroleum company (WNPOC). He worked as business development manager for an international company (Sudan Office) (supplies & services solutions) and was also head of purchasing in Asawer Oil & Gas (EPCC contractors) working in the field of oil industry projects.