Al Dabib (Au)

The El Dabib prospect is located approximately 70 km to the southwest of the Jebel Ohier, in Block 62b. The target was identified as a site of artisanal workings from a review of satellite imagery. Three sets of workings are present, targeting poorly outcropping shear zones and other interpreted structures over strikes of up to 1500 m in meta-sedimentary and volcanoclastic host rocks. Several workings over 30 m deep are present at the main artisanal site.

In June 2015 a total of 42 rock samples were collected from soil samples adjacent to the artisanal workings, and in 2015 an airborne geophysical survey (magnetic and radiometric) was conducted over the El Dabib prospect covering an area 248 km2. Rock chip samples returned good results, including 9.97 g/t Au, 1.03 g/t Au and 0.70 g/t Au from the western workings, and 21.1 g/t Au, 2.38 g/t Au, 0.55 g/t Au, 3.96 g/t Au, 2.74 g/t Au and 0.38 g/t Au from the southern workings. Contrary to Al Bashoom, wall rock samples from Al Dabib were generally unmineralised and no significant quartz veins have been identified, instead presenting as veinlets and minor silicification within a sheared and locally stockworked zone. Zones targeted by artisanal miners appear to be narrow high-grade features. Further testing of this structurally controlled gold target is planned in 2019.